My Top Four Sewing Tips

As we get closer to our Pirate Pencil Skirt Sew Along, I wanted to share some tips that will help you along our way. If you aren't yet following us on Facebook, go hit the like and change your notification settings to 'All Posts' so you don't miss any Sew Along info!

I know I have said in the live videos a few times to not be intimidated, I really do mean it. I am still learning myself. If you have been sewing for a few years, please don't get annoyed with me. I do things how they work for me, it might not be the 'right' way, but it is my way. lol Feel free to add tips for us newer sewists as we go.

If you haven't grabbed your Pirate Pencil Skirt pattern yet, be sure to do that today! Go ahead and print it out and become familiar with the instructions. We will start the Sew Along on July 10th.

Top 4 Sewing Tips

1. Measurements - It is SO important to measure yourself correctly. When I first started sewing for myself, I thought I had measuring figured out. I mean, how hard can it be? Well. When you aren't measuring in the correct place, it can make things WAY off. Even if you are sure beyond sure, just double check that you are measuring yourself correctly. Here is a great post about Measuring Yourself.

2. Grading Sizes - Once you have your measurements and compare them to your pattern, you may very well find yourself in between two sizes. Or more, in my case. Grading and Mashing patterns can be difficult if you are going up or down a few sizes. I am an XL in some areas and a Plus 3X in others. That is a pretty big difference. Just take your time and try not to get frustrated. Before long grading and mashing will be no big deal to you.

3. Length Adjustments - I fall into the petite category. For me, I just cut the excess fabric off the bottom of skirts. See, there I go doing things my way again. lol In the linked post, Judy goes into a bit more detail, especially if you are tall.

4. Twin Needles - Twin Needles? WHAT?!?! I know! I still get nervous when I use a twin needle, but it makes hemming so pretty! That's the other thing, I HATE to hem! HATE IT! lol I have so many shirts that aren't hemmed. Like 98% of the shirts I make aren't hemmed. That's how much I hate it. lol But using a twin needle makes it, well I won't say easier because it's still hard for me, but prettier. Maybe we should do a sew along just on hemming next.

That's it! As we go along on this journey, I will share more tips and tricks with you. I hope you join us for our sew along! I will do a recap post once we have finished, if you can't join us during our LIVE event, you can join us during the recap. There may even be a giveaway for those that participate. Come join us on The Shabby Green House Facebook page and share your tips, ask questions, join the conversation! We have a lot of fun!

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