Fall 2014 at The Shabby Green House

Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. I LOVE the fall colors, the transition to cooler weather and the crisp fall air. Hi everyone! Welcome to Fall 2014 at The Shabby Green House! I hope you enjoy this quick fun look into Life in The Shabby Green House!
To kick off the fall season, we had a small Halloween party to celebrate our first Halloween in The Shabby Green House. You see, The Shabby Green House is located on THE trick-or-treat street in our little town. We gave out over 1500 pieces of candy, two pieces each....then one each when we started to run out...we ran out around 8:30pm and there were STILL people out! It was just incredible!
My mom, dad, brother, sil, niece and my sil's mom all came up to have some Halloween fun with us. Mom brought festive cupcakes and saved me from having to add one more thing to my list. YAY for awesome moms!!
I made my Granny's famous sugar cookies, popcorn balls and chocolate chip cookies. Don't worry, I will post the recipes for the sugar cookies and popcorn balls soon. 
We also had hot dogs with all the fixins, fruit salad and chili. It was a feast! 
I kept the decorations very simple this year. I am sure my collection will grow over the years, but I just prefer the simplicity. The bunting was purchased at Target, I found it in the dollar bins! The cute little burlap ghosts were purchased from Walgreens.
My mom shared a picture of the front of our house on Facebook while she was here. A friend of mine commented that the house and neighbor hood looked like it had been plucked right out of a movie. I have to agree. I LOVE the street we live on! One of my favorite things on our street is this beautiful tree.
Depending on the time of day, the tree looks like it is glowing! It is just breathtaking! I find myself admiring it multiple times a day. Luckily, I can see it from almost all of our front windows.
I hope you all have a wonderful fall season! I will catch up with you again soon. Until I get back into a good blogging routine, I plan to post twice a month. One home tour and one recipe. I can't wait to share our life in The Shabby Green House with you!
Happy Fall, Ya'll!

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