The fact that we have been in the house for nearly two months and I am just now telling you that we closed, is besides the point. Ok? HA!

To get you caught up:
After missing the 3rd closing, or 4th...I lost track, we walked away from PNC and went with a local bank. Ms. Julie assured us we would close soon, gave us a date to look for that was 2-3 weeks away from first contacting her. I was blown away! She was driven, felt sorry for us because of the mess we had gone through with PNC (do not EVER use PNC Mortgage) and wanted to get this done. There was a glitch with something and had to push the closing date back. But, WE CLOSED!!! We aren't completely moved in, we still have a few things at the old house, but the majority of our stuff is here. It was a great first Christmas and first new year at The Shabby Green House! We have already finished our first remodel and we are about to start on our second and third. I can't wait to share them all with you!


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