The Waiting Game

UGH! Noooo.....

I thought taking deep breaths was supposed to help ease your stress level?

Let's back up a bit so you understand why I am so stressed. We signed the contract in August. We got with the sellers and mortgage company and set a 60 day closing date.

That date was 10/23/2013.

Today is 11/6/2013.

We have yet to close.

Every day the mortgage company comes up with something new they need from us. A few times it has been things that we already sent in to them. It's almost like they lost our file and have had to start all over.

Yesterday they needed comps. So, hubby and I drove around and got a few comps for them. Even though we had already sent them a few in September.

Right now the sellers are SUPER understanding and are OK with waiting just a bit longer to close. Mr. Seller even sent hubby a text telling him it's ok, not to freak and everything will happen in God's time. I mean seriously, I got chills when I read that. I am so glad they are being so great about this. They know it's completely out of our control at this point.

Hubby and I went over to the house a few days ago while the girls were in school. I just stood in the kitchen and cried. I woke up last week with an anxiety attack and have had a few since. The hardest part is the fact that it is out of our control, there is nothing we can do to push this thing through any faster. I have been really good about just giving it all to God, until recently. I don't know what changed, I know he is in control and has our best interest at hand, I know there is a reason it is taking this long, I know it will happen in His time. I know this. But it doesn't change the fact that it is still hard waiting. He has gotten us through all of it up to this point, I have absolutely no doubt He will continue to get us through the rest of it.

Every day I sit and wait for hubby to call with news that we have a for sure set date. It has yet to happen. 

We have looked into going with a local bank for funding. The only drawback is that our payment would be $400 more a month because of something to do with their mortgage insurance....or something like that. I thought it was because of the interest rate but, hubby corrected me on that the other night.

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away. Our plan was to host Thanksgiving this year. Now, I don't see that happening and at this point, I am not even sure we will be in by Christmas.


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