Buying a house stinks!

 We first looked at The Shabby Green House in June. We weren't real sure if it was OUR house, so we waited, prayed and thought about it.

Well. We met with the homeowners this past weekend. Hubby put in an offer and they accepted. We then contacted our broker and our lawyer to get the contract worked up. Since the house is For Sale By Owner (FSBO) there is a bit of leg work we have to do. The owners did not have a contract of their own so, we are having one drawn up.

 So now we are waiting for the final contract to be drawn up so we can get the papers signed.

The owners were in a lease to purchase contract not too long ago on the house. The people in the contract screwed them over royally. They were a bit nervous going into this and not wanting that to happen again. I don't know how to ease their fears but, unless something MAJOR comes back from the inspection....we are in this til the end! I just hate the uneasy feeling on both sides. Please tell me this process gets easier!

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